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Go Beneath the Streets With Seattle’s Best Tour


Go Beneath the Streets With Seattle’s Best Tour

Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square

History can be dirty, it can be messy, but to me it’s always intriguing!  When I visit new cities I want to learn its stories, look into its past and delve deep to see its true colours – or shades of grey.  So, on my recent visit to Seattle I knew I wanted to go beneath the streets with Seattle’s best tour, Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour.

The Underground Tour began with an idea in…

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For someone who thinks fanfiction is so bad that it deserves to be made fun of in public, Jeff sure is using a lot of fic tropes in his writing.

Half of the things that are happening on this show right now are straight from sterek fic, made hetero of course, but I’ve read this a hundred times and often with more emotional continuity.

Is that why you want to bring us down, Jeff, because we thought of it first and did it better?


Some news for you high and mighty people in Hollywood:

Anytime you make a movie from a comic book, (since you usually aren’t making a direct adaptation but a different version of the telling) technically, that’s fanfiction.

When you write a story that puts a new spin on an old tale (i.e. Romeo and flipping Juliet, christ on a cracker if I have to see this redone one more time—), guess what?: fanfiction.

Sequels to old ass books: fanfiction.

Remakes of older or classic films: fanfiction.

"Expanding" on Grimm Fairytales or Hans Christian Anderson fables: fanfiction.

Movies or books about historical figures: real person fic motherfucker, the ones you give people the most shit about.

So how about you get your ass down off that snooty fucking high horse and realize that half the shit you’re consuming is the same as what you’re making fun of, you ignorant douche nugget. Have a nice goddamn day.

thinking about things more

gallery in the tw offices for fanart. so isn’t there a display area for their awards, too? like wouldn’t that have been an appropriate place for a fandom award statue, wherever in their offices they keep their other general show awards?

no way in fucking hell an award to the FANDOM should have been given to a specific cast member (especially the specific cast member who hates the fandom group who won the award)—the award should have gone to the administrative OFFICES.

fanart gets a gallery, fanfiction gets mocked in a youtube video, award for the fandom which DONATED HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY TO A CHARITY gets given to the one cast member who doesn’t give a shit, who instead of giving it to the show’s administrative offices, just gives it away to a random fan.

and yes, the article should have recognized the group, just as the group was mentioned in the nomination. any ANY other fan group would have been listed by name, not just ‘the fans’. 

what utter fucking bullshit.


is it any fucking wonder that clevverTV pulled this read-fanfiction-to-the-cast bullshit? remember, this is the super classy channel that brought us “guess the wolf abs" where they used a paparazzi snapped photo of dylan o’brien on a beach— instead of using photos from dylan o’brien’s movie the first time where he was shirtless for the camera— prompting DOB to ask “… whereee did you get that photo?” and making everyone watching SUPREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. this is also the channel who brought us “five things that should happen in teen wolf" which featured a segment saying that kate and derek should pursue a romantic relationship again because their dynamic is hot, hot, hot!!! (nothing hotter than seducing teen boys so you can lie to them and murder their families, amirite?!?)

lmao clevverTV is and has always been a fucking garbage can of an entertainment news source, that’s not surprising. this fanfiction garbage is just same shit, different day.

but it’s 2014 and i’m so beyond over this trend of portraying fanfiction as something to be ridiculed and laughed at. people are putting their time and effort into writing for free, because they ENJOY the canon and want to express that, and to invite criticism or laughter onto what they’ve written in front of the people who helped inspire them is fucking cruel, and, honestly? it’s been done before. we get it, ha-ha-ha, isn’t fanfiction so strange aren’t these people writing it so weird??? i’m so over this shitlord rhetoric i can’t even handle it. 

fuck you clevvertv. just— fuck you. so fucking much.


The Sterek Campaign has literally never asked for recognition. We did not put on the Charity Auctions for an award so omfgosh stop saying this

Getting an award was never ever why we did this, like I’m seriously not understanding how people can be pulling this out of their asses so let’s look at the facts.

We hosted two charity events to benefit a wolf sanctuary. At the time, most people didn’t even know our names (other than our creator) because we still kept them hidden. We spent hours and days working behind the scenes to pull it off both years. The amount of planning and work that went into that was astronomical. It was a team effort, but we did it for the wolves

We got an amazing amount of support from fandom. We were so appreciative of everyone that helped us pull it off because we know we couldn’t do it without loads of support. And to those saying we don’t appreciate all of the support, please kindly refer to the two paving stones that were bought with admin $, engraved with Teen Wolf Fandom. Because that achievement belonged to us all. We did that for all of youAnd still, we kept our names hidden. 

We didn’t ask for this award. This award did not even exist when we put on either of our events. We didn’t contact MTV or beg to be recognized. We weren’t contacted by MTV either and frankly did not expect to win next to Misha. The SC was nominated (the organization itself, let’s be clear about that) and won because of the support of the fandom, because of people who appreciated all that we did.

The award was given to the one cast member who has not made secret of his dislike for our ship, despite that our second year’s donation was made in his name. The award was then passed off to a random fan with absolutely no association to the SC or the charity events. It was passed off to a fan simply because he talked about how much the lead actor inspired him during the panel. 

We don’t care about the award/statue. It was given away and it should stay where it is. We don’t want it. We have no ill will towards the fan it was given to and if anyone sends him hate, they’ll have to answer to us because he doesn’t deserve that. Leave him out of it. 

What we did want was the tiniest bit of respect, not only for our org but for the fandom that supported us. Our name is not even mentioned in the article summing up the awards. 

So yes, we are angry. We are insulted and feel used as some big publicity stunt by TPTB.

But don’t you dare diminish what we did. Don’t you dare question our motives. 

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